Importance of Home Care for Seniors in Mount Pleasant, TX


Find out how home care can provide the support you and your loved ones need.


According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 30 million seniors will need some form of long-term care by the year 2050, and most of those seniors will require support to combat more than one chronic health problem. If these seniors are to avoid nursing homes and skilled care facilities, in-home care will need to be an important component of their life.


Benefits of Home Care


One of the key reasons seniors require home care is to remain safe. By avoiding injuries and complications related to chronic conditions, senior can live safely and avoid hospitalization. In fact, a report by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found that nearly three out of four senior hospitalizations could have been prevented and avoided. Home care providers help seniors avoid common medication mistakes and errors related to medical care plans. They can also help seniors keep follow-up appointments and increase the effectiveness of communication between a senior and their care providers.


One of the primary benefits of home care is the senior-centered focus of the services. When care is targeted, personalized, and consistently monitored, the effectiveness of care is dramatically increased. With in-home care, seniors do not need to wait for a caregiver to complete their rounds or hope somebody responds to a call button. Instead, they are the sole focus of the care. Even better, the care plans are specifically designed to meet the unique and specific needs of the senior.


Home care also allows family members to take an active role in the care process. Many family members want to help, but they cannot be there around the clock day after day. In-home care providers often work in tandem with family members to ensure the senior has the care and support they need. In addition to filling in the gaps, professional care providers also help family caregivers learn tricks and techniques through helpful guidance and training.


The ultimate goal of home care is to help a senior maximize their independence and improve their quality of life and level of well-being. To find out how Comfort Keepers can help better your senior loved one's enjoyment of life, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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