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When a senior reaches the point in their life journey where death is approaching sooner rather than later, it is important to discuss end of life care. Despite the numerous documented advantages to end of life care, many seniors still do not take advantage of it and miss out on having their final wishes fulfilled while going through needless hardship.


What You Need to Know About End of Life Care


One of the first orders of business is determining whether or not to have palliative services and when they should start. Palliative care, or comfort care, provides a senior with everything from pain management to enhanced communication and a multi-disciplinary team of experts whose sole purpose is to enhance a senior's quality of life. Palliative care is available at any time during the course of a serious illness, injury, or disease and runs parallel to curative treatment, but it is also an essential component of end of life care. When utilized during hospice, the only difference is that the focus is on comfort and pain management and not on finding a cure.


According to The American Family Physician, "Patients who receive hospice care have improved quality of life, with less depression and symptom burden; feel more in control; are able to avoid risks associated with treatment and hospitalization; and have decreased costs with improved utilization of health care resources...benefits also extend to caregivers, family, and friends, which demonstrates greater satisfaction with the quality of care and attention to caregiver needs."


In addition to the medical side of palliative and hospice care, there is also a non-medical component to end of life care. Comfort Keepers caregivers provide essential non-medical services through hospice, including housekeeping, laundry, personal care, meal preparation, transportation, running errands, etc. By providing these elements at home family members are freed to spend their time with their loved one instead of worrying about chores. This not only reduces stress for all involved, but it also adds to the senior's quality of life.


In short, there are many benefits to end of life care. If your senior loved one is facing a terminal condition, take advantage of it as soon as possible. For more information about hospice care or how Comfort Keepers can help you and your senior loved one, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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