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Senior Care & Transitioning Home Following Hip Replacement Surgery

Apr 21, 2017 by Matt Clinnard

One of the most common procedures seniors go through is hip replacement surgery. If your loved one has recently had a hip replacement - which is a surgical procedure as part of which the hip joint is replaced with a prosthetic implant - you may want to consider how a senior care professional can help them transition back home independently and safely.

Recovery after this kind of a procedure is very difficult, painstaking and long, and many people end up right back in the hospital because they are not receiving the proper senior care. Comfort Keepers has been helping seniors across the country transition back home safely for two decades now and we will be there for your parent’s transition period to make sure everything is going as smoothly as possible and focusing on decreasing the risk from readmission.

After joint replacement, particularly hip replacement surgery, people are left with significantly decreased mobility. This means that after they are discharged from the hospital, they may need 24 hour senior care and possibly a stay-in nurse. However, proper care will pay off in the long run because your loved one will recover more quickly and can hope to prevent going back to the hospital.

One of the first things our caregivers will do is proof your loved one's home to make sure it is suited for their current mobility and other challenges they are facing. This will by default mean removing or clearing out any clutter that is around the house, but could also entail installing grab bars and enhancing lighting around the house. Overall, these changes will focus on doing everything we can to reduce your loved one's risk of taking a fall.

We will also be able to transport your loved one to any therapy sessions they may need or post operation follow up. This is critical to the recovery process and making sure your loved one follows all doctors' orders is an absolute must.

A senior care professional will work with your loved one, you and their medical team to make sure anything they need is being taken care of. This will help make the transitioning process much smoother and will allow your loved one to focus on recovering as quickly as possible.


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