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Home Care & Dental Hygiene in Longview, TX

Mar 17, 2017 by Matt Clinnard

Many serious health conditions can begin as complications from poor or inadequate dental hygiene. As an individual ages, this aspect of personal care becomes increasingly important as prevention becomes key to improving their quality of life. With home care, you can sleep soundly knowing your loved one is being properly tended to.

Of course, people of all ages face oral health issues. This means that age is not the only factor that will determine your loved one's dental health. They may have spent years drinking, smoking and simply caring poorly for their teeth, but age does play a factor and prevention is key. With the help of a home care professional, your loved one can get all the assistance and support they may need to properly manage their dental hygiene and face any challenges necessary on the path to good health.

There are a number of dental conditions your loved one may face or is already facing. Here are some of the most common ones and how a caregiver can help them:


  • Darkened teeth. Although having darkened teeth does not seem like that big of an issue, the condition can be a warning sign of much more significant illness. However, having a caregiver around will mean that your loved one will go to regular dentist checkups and appointments and this condition will me taken care of in time. Also, other illnesses will be prevented.
  • Dry mouth. Many medications have an unfortunate side effect of dry mouth. A dry mouth does not seem like much cause for alarm, but if is a nuisance that can over time become a major source of stress for your loved one. A home care professional will support your loved one and give them the strength to meet this challenge head-on and preserve. This can mean any number of things including working with a medical team to find other medication alternatives that do not have this unfortunate side effect.
  • Gum disease. This catch-all term that encompasses a wide-array of illnesses. If your loved one is found to have gum disease - caused by poor dental hygiene, smoking, and even anemia or cancer - their caregiver will be there to support them and make sure they are sticking to doctor-prescribed treatments.
  • Denture issues. This is another catch-all term that can include anything like poor hygiene or not suitable dentures. Whatever your loved one may be having to deal with, a caregiver will work with them by keeping open all channels of communication to make sure they are doing all they can to take the best care of themselves as possible.


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