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Home Health Agencies In Longview, TX, Can Help Your Loved One Reduce Chronic Pain

Feb 24, 2017 by Matt Clinnard

Living with chronic pain can severely reduce your loved one’s independence, preventing them from leading a productive life. Millions of seniors across the US suffer from chronic pain, which can be defined as pain that lasts longer than six months. Chronic pain can be a result of an injury or illness, but its cause can also be unknown.

Unfortunately, older adults are less likely to be forthcoming about their problems with chronic pain. Many seniors fail to report pain because they may consider it a normal part of aging. Some are worried that speaking to medical professionals about pain can lead to numerous diagnostic tests and added medication use.

As home health agencies in Longview, TX, point out, seniors who do not address the issue of chronic pain properly may also develop other health problems and complications over time. Chronic pain can interfere with their ability to perform everyday tasks such as bathing or cleaning the house. This is why it is important to seek professional help and treat chronic pain.

To determine the best approach to dealing with chronic pain, home health agencies in Longview, TX, can closely work with your loved one’s medical team to develop a good treatment plan. Moreover, an experienced caregiver can monitor your loved one’s condition and inform their doctors about any progress. A professional care provider can also offer incidental transportation, driving your loved one to and from scheduled appointments or therapy sessions.

Home health agencies in Longview, TX, can also suggest alternative solutions to treating chronic pain, including massage and acupuncture. These techniques have been known to help ease chronic pain and contribute to an improved quality of life. Still, seniors looking into these options should consult with their medical team prior to opting for an alternative pain treatment.

Since exercise can also alleviate chronic pain, an experienced caregiver can build an appropriate exercise plan for your loved one. Regular physical activity can be very beneficial for seniors with chronic pain, relieving pain and increasing energy. A professional caregiver can recommend light exercises such as water aerobics or yoga, which do not put a lot of pressure on the joints and bones but can help with various types of pain.

To further support your loved one’s treatment, home health agencies in Longview, TX, offer various home care services that can allow seniors to maintain independence at home despite dealing with chronic pain. These services can include assistance with personal care or meal preparation, as well as mobility assistance and transportation.

With the help of a seasoned caregiver, your loved one can continue leading their preferred lifestyle in the comfort of their own home while treating and managing chronic pain.

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