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Preventing Falls In Dementia Care In Longview, TX

Feb 6, 2017 by Matt Clinnard

Falls are a major health concern for seniors. For those older adults living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, the risk of falls is increased considerably. Unfortunately, because of cognitive impairments, seniors with dementia are more likely to experience falls and sustain injuries. What’s more, falls can lead to serious fractures that heal very slowly. Sometimes this can even result in hospital admissions and the loss of mobility and independent living.

Statistics show that seniors with dementia fall twice as much as seniors who are not affected by this disease. For this reason, it is essential to provide a safe environment for your loved one. Experienced dementia care providers in Longview, TX can assess your parent’s home situation and identify falling hazards.

Since dementia affects vision and perception, dementia care professionals in Longview, TX, can make sure that there is always enough lighting in each room of your loved one’s house. If necessary, they can also suggest installing additional lights, especially in the bedroom and on the stairs. Furthermore, installing grab bars and placing non-slip mats in the bathroom can additionally lower the risk of falls.

Depending on the stage of the condition, your parent might also find it difficult to recognize similar colors and objects from their background. For example, carpets should be of a different color than the floor. This way, your parent can clearly see what is in front of them. In addition to this, professionals recommend removing clutter from pathways to reduce tripping hazard. While clearing clutter, it is very important not to make any major changes in the way that objects are placed as this can upset your loved one.

In order to improve their balance and flexibility, dementia care experts can encourage your parent to use assistive devices, especially when they are going outdoors in Longview, TX. Surely, your loved one can enhance their gait with a cane or, perhaps, a walker.

Confusion at night can present a major inconvenience for seniors with dementia. Restless nights can leave your parent anxious and unsteady. To help prevent them wandering at night, seasoned caregivers can make sure to place important items on their bedside table such as a glass of water, their eyeglasses, tissues and the telephone. It might also be a good idea to purchase safety and security products that can limit your loved one’s movement during the night.

Since your loved one might not able to perform certain activities, especially in the advanced stages of the disease, dementia care providers can also offer help with activities of daily living such as light housekeeping. This can also prevent falls as your loved one won’t take part in activities that might have become too demanding for them.

Professional caregivers in Longview, TX can tend to your loved one’s every need, keep them safe at home, and make certain they age with the dignity that they deserve.


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