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In Home Care Services Highly Recommend Gardening in Longview, TX

Jan 27, 2017 by Matt Clinnard

Studies are showing that gardening boosts energy levels in seniors, and it improves their health, mobility, and mood. It’s no wonder that gardening is widely enjoyed hobby among seniors. This activity comes with various benefits, and caregivers in Longview, TX, highly recommend it. Our in home care services could help your loved one with this useful hobby.

In Home Care Services & Gardening

Gardening is ideal for seniors, as it is something they can do without leaving their home. They just open the door (or the balcony door), and they can begin a garden. The first benefit of gardening is obvious: your loved one can produce nutritious foods that contribute to their balanced diet. Growing their own food can be a cost saver. Gardening also lets seniors watch something they planted come to life. For an older adult who feels as though they’ve lost their purpose, gardening gives a sense of meaning and accomplishment. Also, spending time outdoors can be good for a senior’s entire well being. Working in the garden allows for increased vitamin D intake, a key contributor to good health.

Gardening isn’t an easy exercise. It requires strength for raking, digging, pulling weeds, bending over and more. So your loved one should warm up a little bit before they get their hands dirty. Gardening is a fun activity that stimulates the body’s systems without seeming like exercise. It incorporates multiple areas of the body with bending, stooping, and reaching to provide overall fitness and improvement of motor skills.

Gardening can reduce stress levels and allow your loved one to relax, which promotes better sleep for improved health. It can also help prevent or reduce problems with diseases like osteoporosis and improve mental awareness due to the fresh air. Gardening can be a great way to socialize. Your loved one can talk to their neighbors or with people walking by.

When your loved one is gardening, there are some things they should be careful about. Our in home care services can make sure they reapply sunscreen often so they don’t get sunburned. A caregiver can also pay attention that the ground is free from sticks, rocks and other fall hazards. Your loved one shouldn’t garden during a heat wave. It’s important they stay inside during hot times of the day, and that they hydrate properly. Our in home care services could make sure there is a shaded area near the garden for the senior to get out of the sun for a while.

Your parent should buy lightweight tools and plastic buckets that are easier to handle. Our in home care services could make sure any cuts or insect bites are cleaned and treated immediately. They will encourage your loved one to wear comfortable shoes and protective gear such as gloves when working in the garden.


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