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Home Care Providers Help Your Parent Manage Stress

Dec 9, 2016 by Matt Clinnard

Although retirement should be a peaceful time when your loved one can relax and enjoy their free time, seniors often tend to stress about the loss of control over their lives and environment, physical strength and coordination, a sense of purpose and productivity, independence, or memory and other thinking processes. Home care in Longview, TX, could make sure your loved one lives their golden year’s the best way possible.

Chronic, ongoing stress can wear down the body's natural defenses. This can lead to headaches, an upset stomach, high blood pressure, chest pain, problems with sleeping, depression, panic attacks, or other forms of anxiety and worry. While elimination of stress is unrealistic, management of stress is an attainable and realistic goal that can be achieved by a number of strategies.

Exercise can be good for your loved one. Working out not only promotes overall fitness, but it helps your loved one to manage emotional stress and tension as well. Exercise can also aid in relaxation and improve sleep. If your parent is into martial arts, home care providers recommend qigong. This is an ancient Chinese health-care system that combines physical training with Eastern philosophy and relaxation techniques. Qigong has been used for centuries in China for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. Like qigong, tai chi is a Chinese martial art. It is characterized by soft, flowing movements that stress precision and force.

A few minutes of meditating per day can help ease anxiety. Research suggests that daily meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways, making a senior more resilient to stress. Home care providers recommend yoga as a stress reliever. One goal of yoga is to restore balance and harmony to the body and emotions through numerous postural and breathing exercises.

There are many other programs geared toward seniors. Any sort of activity that gets a person moving for at least half-an hour can help keep the body agile and relieve stress.

If your loved one is feeling stressed, maybe some volunteering could be good for them. Working with charitable foundations in the community helps seniors feel useful and needed again. It's also a great way for seniors to socialize, which reduces the chances of becoming isolated or depressed.

If your parent is stressed because a phase in their life is over, home care providers could remind them that now they have time to do all those things they love, and didn’t have time for. They can paint, write, take up dancing, or maybe go to a cooking class. Such hobbies are good for the mind and soul and they help to remind seniors of their talents and helps keep them connected to the world in a creative way.


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